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Apple Shoes was founded in 2009 in Egypt, and now one of the largest producers of casual and classic footwear. Our unique women’s shoes and bags are designed to promote individuality, high quality, and stylish designs. We are committed to empower all women and to use our creativity to face the challenges to drive our work towards a more sustainable future.

  • Get your own inspiration
  • Apple Shoes offers a variety of fashion trends
  • Apple shoes designs each piece in a unique way.
  • We meet our customers’ expectations
  • We are committed to empower all women
  • Our designers are committed to the social and environmental changes.

Why Choose Us

We guarantee that the finest leather and materials are used. We are obliged to manufacture and import high-quality products, as it is clear in every finished pair of our high-quality shoes. We introduce innovative quality products in different varieties to meet the expectations of our target women.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Free shipping is an important factor for consumer shopping on the Internet worldwide, so we have provided our customers with a truly free shipping service, as the shipping cost is not added to the cost of the product, either directly or indirectly.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Each product sold on our site is supported via a customer service as a part of its quality guarantee.

30 Dyas Returns

30 Dyas Returns

We have facilitated the return or replacement process for you, the customer can retrieve or replace purchases from all branches of (Apple Shoes) for free within 30 days after fulfilling the condition mentioned in this regard.



We are committed to empower all women by using our creativity to face the challenges to drive Apple Shoes towards a more sustainable future.


It is our responsibility to lead a continuous positive change adhering to the ethical, social and environmental standards outlined.


Our brand believes in creating a better fashion world, so we support our designers who dedicate themselves to make a positive change.

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